It is the client/s responsibility to ensure the following travel documents/vaccinations and restrictions have before adhered to before travelling with BookingAfrica.Travel. BookingAfrica.Travel will not /cannot be held liable for any costs/delays or cancellation of services for any of the below, which is the sole responsibility of the client/s.
Terms and conditions Please ensure that you (the client) have read through all booking terms and conditions and are in agreement before confirming services with BookingAfrica.Travel. On confirmation of services and receipt of your non-refundable deposit – these terms and conditions will be binding and will be taken that you are 100% in agreements with all terms set out in the General Terms and Conditions Document which was/will be sent to you/the guest at time of confirmation as well as you can view the documents anytime on our website at
Document requirements?
  • Valid passport – all clients travelling to East and Southern Africa, must have a valid passport to travel. Please ensure you have a minimum of 2 black pages side by side as well as the passport must be valid for at least 1 month after arriving back to your home country.
  • Visas – Do you require a visa? Many countries in Africa require an entry visa which is best obtained before arrival. Different passports have different visa requirements. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have the correct visas in place before you travel.
  • Comprehensive Travel Insurance- On confirmation of booking, each guest/s should take out comprehensive travel, medical, cancellation, curtailment and default insurance for the duration of your trip. BookingAfrica.Travel will not be held liable for any guest travelling without insurance.
  • The relevant cancellation policy applies should the guest/s fail to join their safari/journey for any reason, including airline delays or missed connections
Travelling with Children Travelling with minor children – please let your BookingAfrica.Travel consultant know if you are planning to travel with minor children (under 18 years) as each country has different regulations and documents that will be required on entry i.e. original birth certificates etc.
Vaccinations and malaria prophylactics
  • Vaccinations – Some countries in Africa require proof of certain vaccinations on entry I.e. Yellow Fever or Covid 19. Speak to your medical practitioner to ensure you have been vaccinated before your trip.
  • Some camps/lodges hotels etc. that are situated in Malaria and Yellow Fever areas. Please consult your medical practitioner, pharmacist or travel clinic to establish what precautions and /or vaccinations will be required.
Arrival/Departure taxes Important notes on arrival and departure taxes in Zimbabwe and Zambia
  • Should a payment be required, this will need to be made in US Dollar cash. Change is often not provided and thus the exact amounts payable is essential (with small denominations encouraged for easier and quicker transactions). Travellers cheques and credit cards are not usually accepted for this purpose;
  • Departure Taxes are excluded on all light transfers in Zambia and Zimbabwe. Applicable at manned airports only, these taxes are to be paid direct in cash on departure, unless included in your air ticket cost.
  • All taxes are subject to change without notice.
  • Zambia Airport Departure Taxes: may be paid in US Dollars or Kwacha, the local currency. Kwacha amounts may vary depending on the rate of exchange on the day- the below are guidelines only. Note that credit cards and travellers cheques are not accepted forms of payment for this purpose.
  • On International flights; departure tax, security tax and infrastructure & development tax- US$40.00per person; passenger safety charge US$10.00per person.
  • On Domestic flights; departure tax, security tax and infrastructure & development tax-US$16.00per person; passenger security charge USD5.00per person.
  • Zimbabwe Airport Departure Taxes; paid in US Dollars only and in cash. Currently, and subject to change, these taxes are as follow;
  • On Domestic flights; departures tax plus aviation Infrastructure & development fund – USD50.00 per person.
  • Ex Kariba Airport specifically; departure tax – USD15.00per person.
Airline Luggage Restrictions/arrival and departures times
  • Luggage Restrictions – please adhere to the luggage restrictions in each country. Although International Airlines in the United States work off 2 pieces of checked luggage per person, this is not the case in Africa. The general luggage restriction on commercial aircrafts is 1 piece of checked luggage not more than 20Kgs/44 Lbs.’ per person. If you arrive with overweight bag/s you will be charged for the additional luggage as well as this could cause delays in your luggage reaching the destination on time, as they might have to hold luggage back and send it later.
  • Arrival/Departures times at airports for International/Domestic Departure flights – It is the responsibility of the client/s that they arrive at the airport in good time to meet their International/domestic flights to/from the USA/UK or in country. BookingAfrica.Travel cannot/will not be liable for any costs associated with rebooking, rescheduling fees/admin fees and no shows etc.

If you have any questions or are unsure of the requirements needed to travel to your destination, please contact your BookingAfrica.Travel consultant who will gladly assist you.